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OpportunityDate PostedDuration Location
Administration12/24/201412 weeksKanata
Human Resources Consultant12/24/2014Six MonthsGatineau
Bilingual Executive Assistant12/24/20149 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Accounting Assistant12/24/201413 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Director of External Services12/24/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Accountant12/24/201413 weeksOttawa East - St. Laurent
Procurement Specialist12/24/20143 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Internal Auditor 12/24/20143 MonthsGatineau
Procurement Specialist12/24/20143 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Engineer 12/23/20142 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Business Analyst12/23/20142 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Communications Officer12/23/20143 MonthsOttawa West
Bilingual Labour Relations Advisor12/23/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Director Human Resources12/23/2014PermanentGatineau
Finance Clerk - Intermediate12/23/201414 weeksOttawa Centre
Drupal Developer12/23/2014PermanentOttawa West - Nepean
Program Manager12/23/20141 year + optionsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Organizational Development Consultant12/23/20142 yearsOttawa Downtown Core
DataFlux Developer12/23/20142-3 MonthsGatineau
Change Management Consultant12/23/2014Until June 2016Ottawa Downtown Core
Project Manager12/23/20143 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Data Modellor12/23/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Business Analyst12/23/20143 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Data Analyst12/23/20143 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Human Resources12/23/201413 weeksOttawa Centre
Business Analyst12/23/20145 monthsOttawa Centre
Account Manager12/23/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Performance Measurement Consultant12/23/20142 monthsOttawa East
Microsoft Excel Expert12/23/20143 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
System Analyst - JAVA12/23/20143 Months +Ottawa Downtown Core
Front-End Web Developer12/23/20143 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
.NET Developer12/23/20141 year + optionsOttawa East
Product Manager12/23/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Administrative Assistant - Secret Cleared12/23/20145 weeksOttawa Centre
Office Manager12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Mobile Application Developers for Android 12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Mobile Developer12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Android Developer12/22/20141Ottawa Downtown Core
Help Desk12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Field Technician/ Advisor12/22/2014PermanentOttawa West - Nepean
Web Designer12/22/2014Permanent - Part TimeOttawa Downtown Core
Permanent Audio/Visual Technician12/22/2014PermanentOttawa West - Nepean
Mobile Developer12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
IT Security Architect12/22/2014one yearOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Tester12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Tester12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Business Consultant12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Business Architect12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Business Architect12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Bilingual Customer Service Representative12/22/20143 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Accounting Assistant12/22/201413 weeksOttawa West
Project Executive12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Project Manager12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Enterprise Architect12/22/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Software Developer12/22/2014PermanentOttawa West
Data Entry Clerks - SECRET CLEARANCE REQUIRED12/22/201412 weeksGatineau
Bilingual Administrative Assistant12/22/2014PermanentOttawa West
Manager of Communications12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Manager, Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations12/22/20141Ottawa Centre
Senior Staff Accountant12/22/2014PermanentOttawa West
Bilingual Financial Analyst12/22/201417 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Government Relations Consultant12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Facilities Manager12/22/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Business Analyst12/22/20143 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Scientific Evaluator12/21/20143-11 monthsOttawa Centre
Bilingual Web Developer Required12/21/201426 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
IT Technical Recruiter12/21/2014PermanentGatineau - Hull
Senior Help Desk Resources12/21/201452 weeksOttawa Centre
Desktop Publishing12/21/201417 weeksOttawa East - St. Laurent
Network Functions Virtualization Expert12/21/2014PermanentGatineau - Hull
Software Developer - VoIP & C/C++12/21/2014PermanentGatineau - Hull
Help Desk resources to provide on site and remote 12/21/201424 weeksOttawa Centre
Software Development Manager12/21/2014PermanentGatineau
Adaptive Computer Technology Specialist12/21/201413 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Call Centre Agent12/19/201414 weeksGatineau
Bilingual Administrative Assistant - Secret Cleare12/19/201413 weeksOttawa Centre
Sr. Project Manager12/19/20144 monthsOttawa West - Nepean
Application/Software Architect 12/19/20146 monthsOttawa Centre
Enterprise Architect 12/19/20146 MonthsOttawa Centre
Technical Architect12/19/20146 MonthsOttawa Centre
Business Systems Analyst12/19/20146 MonthssOttawa Centre
Software Developer12/19/20146 MonthsOttawa Centre
Database/IM Modeller12/19/20141 yearOttawa Centre
Intermediate Project Manager12/19/20141 yearOttawa Downtown Core
Event Coordinator12/19/20142-3 months Ottawa East - St. Laurent
Project Manager12/19/201413 weeksOttawa Centre
Bilingual Media Monitor12/19/201413 weeksOttawa West - Nepean
Business Analyst12/19/20143 monthsOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Business Analyst12/19/20143 monthsOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Bilingual Administrative Assistant12/19/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Web Marketing Specialist12/19/20141 year + extension possibleOttawa Centre
Financial Support12/19/20143 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
EX Classification Consultant12/18/2014Beginning Jan 2015 as neededOttawa Centre
Senior Auditor Consultant12/18/2014June 2015Ottawa West
Engineers Required12/18/201412 weeksOttawa Centre
.NET Developer12/18/20143 years + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Tester12/18/20143 years + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Web Designer12/18/2014PermanentOttawa West
MS Dynamics Developer12/18/20143 years + extension optionsOttawa Centre
SharePoint Developer12/18/20141 year +Ottawa East
System Analyst 12/18/20143 years plus extensionOttawa Centre
Technical Writer12/18/20143 years + extensionOttawa Centre
SAP Disability Case Management Consultant 12/18/20144 weeksOttawa East - St. Laurent
Audio Visual Technician12/18/2014less than 1 weekOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
ABAP Developer12/18/20143 weeksOttawa East - St. Laurent
Test Coordinator12/18/20143 years + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Commercial Project Manager 12/17/2014PermanentOttawa West - Nepean
Engineering Consultant12/17/20142 yearsGatineau
Bilingual Controller12/17/20141Ottawa East - Orleans
Credit Adjudicator, Financial Institution12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Construction Project Manager - High rise Condos12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Administrative Assistant12/17/2014PermanentOttawa West
Internal Auditor12/17/2014Three MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Organizational Development Consultant12/17/20144 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Branch Manager12/17/2014PermanentOttawa West - Bells Corners
Construction Project Scheduler12/17/2014PermanentOttawa West - Nepean
Cost Controller12/17/2014PermanentOttawa East - St. Laurent
Business Continuity Consultants 12/17/2014To March 2017 or longerOttawa West - Nepean
Emergency Preparedness Evaluation Consultant12/17/2014March 2017 or longer as neededOttawa West - Nepean
Project Administrators 12/17/2014To March 2017 or longerOttawa West - Nepean
Risk Management12/17/2014to March 2017 or longerOttawa West - Nepean
Project Manager - Tenant Improvements12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Financial Analyst12/17/20145 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Call Centre Agent 12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Bilingual Program Assistant/Coordinator12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Executive Assistant - Communications12/17/2014PermanentOttawa South
Income Tax Clerk12/17/2014PermanentOttawa West - Bells Corners
PART TIME - Accounting Assistant12/17/2014Five MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
System Administrator12/17/20141 yearOttawa Centre
Business Analyst12/17/20143 yearsOttawa Centre
Looking for administrative work in the New Year?12/17/2014Three monthsOttawa Centre
Senior Estimator12/17/2014PermanentOttawa South
Bilingual Administrative Assistant / Receptionst12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Project Engineer12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Corporate Legal Assistant 12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Chief Estimator12/17/2014PermanentOttawa South
Bilingual Bookkeeper12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Executive Assistant - Crown Corporation12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Group Benefits Underwriter12/17/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Bilingual Office Administrator12/17/2014PermanentOttawa East
Change Management Consultant12/17/20141 yearOttawa Centre
Spanish, Portuguese & English Customer Service Rep12/17/20143 months +Kanata
Administrative Assistant 12/17/201448 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Airworthiness Professionals Wanted!12/17/201431 weeksGatineau
Compensation Consultant12/17/20145 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Business Analyst12/17/20145 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Epidemiologist 12/17/20143-11 month contractsOttawa Centre
Performance Measurement Consultant 12/17/20143 monthsGatineau
Staffing Officers12/17/201425 days off site Ottawa Centre
Part Time Office Manager - Evenings12/16/2014PermanentOttawa South - Hunt Club
Bilingual Mailroom Clerk12/16/201415 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
GIS Technologist12/16/20143 MonthsGatineau
Project Administrator12/16/20143 yearsGatineau
Basis Administrator12/16/20143 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Publications Assistant12/16/20144 months + Ottawa Downtown Core
Administrative Assistant12/16/20144 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Web Developer Required12/16/201412 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Interior Designer 12/15/201412 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Staffing Consultant12/15/2014Three MonthsGatineau
Interior Designer12/15/201412 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
SAP Instructor12/15/201418 monthsOttawa South
Executive Assistant - Bilingual12/15/201413 weeksGatineau
System Analyst 12/15/20143 MonthsOttawa Centre
Technical Writer12/15/201411 monthsOttawa Centre
Bilingual Librarian12/15/20142 MonthsOttawa Centre
Writer 12/15/201410 weeksOttawa Centre
Medical Clerk12/15/201418 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Outside Sales Representative 12/15/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Bilingual Membership Coordinator 12/12/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Receptionist12/12/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Receptionist12/12/201418 weeksOttawa West - Nepean
IT Security Design Specialist 12/12/20143 months + optionsOttawa Downtown Core
Technical Architect12/12/20141 year + extensionOttawa Centre
10 Permanent Technical Help Desk12/12/2014PermanentKanata
Web Developer12/12/20141Ottawa East
Siebel Technology Analyst12/12/20141 YearOttawa Centre
Bilingual Pension and Benefits Administrator12/12/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Office Administration/Junior Accounting Clerk12/12/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Corporate Legal Assistant12/12/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Senior Bilingual Administrative Assistant12/12/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Departmental Security Planner12/12/201420 days on siteOttawa Downtown Core
Procurement Manager12/11/2014PermanentKanata
Editor - Junior12/11/201413 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Financial Officer12/11/201413 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Part-time Administrative Coordinator12/11/20144 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Business Transformation Architect12/10/20141 year plus extensionsOttawa Centre
Senior Project Administrator12/10/20143 months with extensionOttawa East
Computer Application Support Specialist - Intermed12/10/20146 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Web Application Developer12/10/20146 MonthsOttawa West - Nepean
Administrative Assistant - Secret Clerance Require12/10/20146 monthsGatineau
Business Analyst12/10/20143 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Marketing Coordinator- Bilingual12/10/2014ContractOttawa Downtown Core
Procurement Specialist 12/10/2014Long term contractGatineau
Junior Procurement Specialist 12/10/20143 monthsOttawa East
Communications Officer12/9/201410 MonthsOttawa Centre
Senior Research Manager12/9/2014Long TermOttawa Downtown Core
Project Administrator12/9/2014March 2015Gatineau
Computer Website Support12/9/20144 monthsGatineau
Bilingual HR Generalist (TORONTO)12/9/2014PermanentToronto
Software Engineer12/9/2014PermanentOttawa West
Drupal Developer12/8/20141 yearOttawa Centre
Senior Professional Engineer12/8/20141 yearGatineau
BASIS Administrator12/7/20147 monthsKanata
.NET Developer12/5/20142-3 MonthsOttawa South - Hunt Club
Bilingual Help Desk12/5/20147 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Work Description Writer12/5/201413 weeksOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Web Developers Required12/5/201452 weeksOttawa Centre
Change Management Consultant12/5/20144 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Organization Development Consultant 12/5/2014Four MonthsOttawa Centre
PHP Developer Team Lead12/5/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Software Developer12/5/2014permanentOttawa Downtown Core
IT Support Adminstrator12/5/2014PermanentOttawa South
Bilingual Communication Specialist12/5/2014ContractOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Procurement Consultant12/5/20144 monthsOttawa Centre
Communication Consultant12/5/20145 MonthsOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Bilingual Estimator - ICI Projects12/5/2014PermanentGatineau
Fundraising Manager12/5/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Personal Banker12/5/2014PermanentKingston
Website Support 12/5/201412 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Project Planner12/4/20141 YearGatineau
ATIP Officer12/4/201416 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Project Planner - Scheduler12/4/20146 monthsGatineau - Hull
Translator12/4/20141Ottawa Downtown Core
Social Media Specialist12/4/2014ContractOttawa Downtown Core
Evaluation Analyst12/4/2014Six Months Ottawa Centre
Evaluation Consultant12/4/20146 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Is your Casual ending soon?12/4/20141- 6+ monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Information Management professional12/4/20143 monthsOttawa Centre
Auditor12/4/2014Three MonthsOttawa Centre
Compensation Advisor12/4/2014Six MonthsOttawa Centre
Project Planner For Real Property 12/4/2014Contract to March 31Gatineau - Portage-Terraces de la Chaudiere
Project Manager 12/4/2014Upcoming 1-3 year contractOttawa Centre
IT Vendor Coordinator12/4/20144 MonthsOttawa Centre
Electrical Designer12/4/2014PermanentOttawa West
Executive Assistant12/4/20144 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Receptionist12/4/20141 day to 1 weekOttawa Downtown Core
Administrative Coordinator - Non-Profit12/4/20141 yearOttawa East - St. Laurent
Bilingual Receptionist12/4/20144 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Executive Assistant12/4/201416 weeksOttawa Centre
Administrative Assistant (Part-time)12/4/2014PermOttawa South - Hunt Club
Bilingual Accounts Payables Clerk12/4/2014PermanentOttawa West
Communications12/4/201416 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Finance Clerk12/4/201416 weeksOttawa East - St. Laurent
Bilingual Receptionist12/4/201416 weeksOttawa West - Nepean
Communications - Social Media12/4/201416 weeksOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Privacy Impact Assessment Consultant12/4/20144 MonthsOttawa Centre
Administrative Assistant12/4/20143+ monthsOttawa Centre
Director, Information Technology12/3/2014PermanentOttawa Centre - Byward Market
Human Resources Assistant (Non-Profit)12/3/201412 weeksOttawa East - St. Laurent
Program Administration - Junior12/3/201421 weeksGatineau
Proposal Writer12/3/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Fundraising and Stewartship Officer12/2/20142 Year TermOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Business Analyst12/2/20143 monthsOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Accounting Clerk12/2/20146 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Finance Administrator12/2/2014PermanentOttawa East
Bilingual Research Clerk12/1/201418 WeeksOttawa Downtown Core
Account Executive - Middle East and Turkey12/1/2014PermanentOttawa Centre
Bilingual Receptionist12/1/2014PermanentGatineau
Project Manager12/1/2014PermanentGatineau - Hull
Senior Estimator12/1/2014PermanentOttawa West - Nepean
Are you a Building Operator with a Secret Security12/1/2014PermanentOttawa East
Web Developer12/1/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Programmer/Analyst11/30/20146 monthsOttawa West
Database Administrator11/28/20141 year + optionsOttawa East - Orleans
Research Clerk - Intermediate11/28/201448 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
IT Recruiter - Entry Level11/28/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Staffing Consultant11/28/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Project Control Coordinator11/28/2014PermanentChalk River
Nurse11/28/2014Three MonthsOttawa Centre
Policy Analyst11/27/2014Six MonthsOttawa Centre
Junior Access to Information and Privacy Officer11/27/20141Ottawa Centre
Web Content Writer11/27/2014Six MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Brand Manager11/27/2014PermanentOttawa West
Staffing Consultant11/27/201448 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Receptionist/Clerk11/27/20149 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Executive Assistant11/27/20148 weeksOttawa West
SAP Business Systems Analyst 11/26/2014to March 31, 2o015Ottawa East - St. Laurent
Android Developer11/26/20146 monthsKanata
Clerk11/26/20144 monthsGatineau
Financial Policy Writer11/26/201411 monthsOttawa East
Procurement Specialist 11/26/20141 yearOttawa East
Access to Information and Privacy Officer11/26/20144 MonthsOttawa Centre
Project Manager Level 311/25/20141 year+Ottawa Centre
Junior Network Support11/25/20141 yearOttawa Centre
SAP Trainer11/25/2014to May 31, 2015 + extensionsOttawa West - Nepean
Junior Network Admin11/25/20141 yearKanata
Speech Writer11/24/2014to end of March Ottawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Staffing Consultant 11/24/201418 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Billing Clerk 11/24/20142 MonthsOttawa East
PART-TIME Accounting and Admin Assistant11/21/20143 months Westboro
Help Desk Specialist Level 1 & 211/21/20141 year+Ottawa Downtown Core
Web Architect11/21/20141 year + extension optionOttawa Centre
SCCM Specialist11/21/2014PermanentOttawa East
Project Administrator11/21/20144 MonthsOttawa Centre
Are you Planning on Retiring soon?11/21/20143 monthsOttawa Centre
Office Administrator11/19/201418 weeksOttawa East
Senior Network Administrator11/19/2014PermanentOttawa West
Technical Writer 11/18/20143 monthsCalgary
Senior Application/Software Architects11/17/20141 Year +Ottawa Centre
Account Manager11/17/20144 months to perm Kanata
Recruitment Consultant11/17/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Corporate Security Installation Technician11/14/2014PermanentOttawa West
Commercial Insurance - Customer Service Rep11/14/2014PermanentOttawa West
JAVA Developer11/11/2014PermanentOttawa West
Financial Analyst11/11/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Instructional Designer11/11/201412 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
.NET Developers11/10/20144 monthsOttawa East - St. Laurent
Database Administrator11/6/20146 MonthsGatineau
IT Manager11/6/20146 MonthsOttawa Centre
Project Leader11/5/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Junior Network Analyst11/3/2014PermanentOttawa East
Senior Engineer10/27/20141 yearOttawa Centre
XML Publishing Expert10/24/20141Ottawa Downtown Core
Java Developer 10/23/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa West
Finance Clerk10/21/201452 weeksGatineau
Business Process Re-engineering Consultant10/17/20141Ottawa Centre
Technical Architect10/17/20141Ottawa Centre
Proposal Writers and Coordinators10/16/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Recruitment Consultant10/16/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Oracle Forms Developer10/16/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa West
Sales Consultant10/16/2014PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Cognos BI Developer10/16/20141 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Financial Officer (Analyst)10/16/201413 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Finance Analyst10/10/20143 MonthsOttawa Centre
Performance Measurement Consultant 9/18/20146 monthsOttawa Downtown Core

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