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Can I ask PWGSC directly about my clearance?
Will excelITR notify me when the clearance is processed?
What is a Security Clearance?
What are the levels of clearances?
How long will it take to process an Enhanced clearance?
Can Non-Canadians be granted a security clearance?
I’m not sure I have a clearance, how can I check this?
If I have a criminal record, can I still apply for a security clearance?
What could cause my clearance to take longer than usual to process?
Why would finger prints be required?
Where can I get fingerprints done?
Can I work within the Federal Government if I don’t have a security ...
Is excelITR responsible for my clearance?
What is the difference between Enhanced and Secret clearance? Can I ...
How can I obtain a copy of my security clearance briefing form?
How long will it take to process a Secret level security clearance?
How long is my security clearance valid?
Why would a company ask to "duplicate" my existing clearance?
How do I fill the timesheet out?
Who can sign the timesheet?
What if I work overtime?
What about vacation pay?
What if I don’t want taxes withheld?
What about T-4s?
When is payment for public holiday pay released?
What is your privacy policy?
How can I reactivate my file?
How do I get my address changed in your system?
Where are you located?
What are your hours of operation?
What is your Accessible Customer Service Plan?
Are all candidates interviewed?
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Can you represent me?

Generally speaking, we place office professionals at all levels. Our main areas of expertise are: administrative support, information technology, accounting, human resources, communications, and specialized government professionals. Even if these areas do not directly match your skills or goals, feel free to send us a copy of your resume. We will retain it for future reference in the event that a position comes up requiring your skills.
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